FAQ – Paint By Number


I received my order. How do I start?

  1. Clear an area to work in. Cover your area with newspapers to keep it clean. It is best to work in a room with a washable floor incase of accidental spillages.
  2. Unravel your canvas and lay it out so it is flat. 
  3. Fill a cup of water with which to clean your brush. 
  4. Check which colors correspond to which numbers. 
  5. Start painting! 
  6. After you have finished, you can frame it, or go over any areas with more paint of the same color to add greater depth and contrast. You should always have more than enough paint for your painting, so why waste that extra paint?
  • There is no strict rule as to how you should be painting your set - our aim is to encourage enjoyment and relaxation in art, rather than to achieve "perfection". Painting by numbers allows anyone regardless of your skill level, to paint a masterpiece through simple instructions - we hope to keep it this way. However, please see some of our general recommendations and tips below which we have picked up along the way! 



  • If you would like to finish your painting in the shortest amount of time, start from painting one top corner and branch out. If you paint right-handed, start from the top left-hand corner. If you are left-handed, start painting from the top right-hand corner. This will allow you to continue painting out whilst resting your hand on clean canvas so you don't need to wait for the rest of the paint to dry. 
  • Wash your brush off when you finish to avoid accidentally mixing colors. Ensure the brush is relatively dry before dipping into more paint. You do not want to dilute the paint! 
  • Always keep your paint pots closed if unused. Minimise any air exposure so the paint pots last! 
  • If possible. Start with painting the background / lighter colours first. This includes whites / cream based colors etc. This will make it easier for you later if you need to go over any edges with darker colors. 
  • If you ordered a DIY wood frame, assemble your frame first and attach the clean canvas on before painting. This will help ensure your precious work-in-progress stays stationary. You can either attach the canvas on with pins, staples, or hammer in small nails on the edges.