​Here’s What 5 Customers Have to Say About Paint By Numbers

​Here’s What 5 Customers Have to Say About Paint By Numbers

Posted by AN PHIL on 2021 Apr 22nd

Need a mental getaway in a crowded house? Try painting - the ultimate relaxation necessity!

Being home for an extended period of time means finding clever ways to entertain yourself—and sometimes keeping out of everyone else’s way. Whether you are a skilled artist or a complete amateur, with our paint by numbers kits, you can turn every canvas into a masterpiece.

Instead of going on a long tangent to try and convince you why you should try out a paint by numbers kit, we thought a better approach would be to hear from some of our customers who have genuine thoughts and reviews in regard to their purchase experience.

Here are five great options for beginning your artistic journey.

Name: Melisa Walker

Review Title: Happy customer here!!


I picked this up for my mom as a gift since she's stuck at home since covid, and she's been looking for some art projects to work on. I thought this should be simple enough since it comes with all of the paint she needs and the numbers where to paint them. One thing to note was that while it does come folded up when it was shipped, however we just left this out and after a day it was pretty flat. If it really needed you can put an iron on it to iron out the lines, however you might want to be careful not to burn it. Great for children of all ages.

Name: Linda Jones

Review Title: Love my purchase

Review Description:

So happy with this purchase. Quick delivery and the product is good quality. The canvas and accessories come rolled in a tube and safe from shipping issues. The paints are fresh and not dried out. If you are considering one of these as a relaxing way to pass the quarantine time you will not be disappointed, and if you loved these as a kid you will be thrilled to paint one of these again. Fun note: the lines are pretty small yet still big enough to see without the need for your glasses!

Name: Georgina Anderson

Review Title: Feeling more at peace now

Review Description:

This is my first painting, it's an absolute joy to do it. I have started doing it a few weeks back, it take a-lot of time and concentration to do it but it's simply fun to do especially in the current situation of “stay at home restriction ” where there are less activities for an adult to do. It includes a good quality paint brush and number labeled paints. The paints are of really good quality and the painting sheet is properly labeled and of good quality.

It will take me a few days to do as I do it when I have the time, but they are addictive and utterly absorbing, relaxing and very peaceful. It is very easy to lose yourself in the painting. There is no mixing of colours necessary which is brilliant, there is more than enough paint to complete the picture. If necessary I add a drop of water to stir the paint if it has become thicker, this did not diminish the quality of the paint in any way.

Once I will finish this one, I will definitely buy other designs as well!

Name: Lucy Allen

Review Title: Best purchase!!!

Review Description:

This is my third paint by numbers canvas and my favourite one by far. There are a couple of reasons, all of which are not offered by other Paint by Number sites that I have encountered: First, the numbers and lines are not as thick and dark as others. Because of this, even when the paint is diluted, it still covers the lines and numbers, making it easy to paint. Second, the fine bristle brush makes it easier to paint small areas. Third, the picture itself is so nice and beautiful. Finally, the customer service is very prompt and responsive to all of my inquiries. Worth trying! :)

Name: Michael Williamson

Review Title: Truly an art piece

Review Description:

Very calming activity to pass the time instead of watching TV. Fun to see it all coming slowly together. The numbers are very small and the brush that comes with the kit are beautifully made and do the job perfectly. So far it seems to have enough paint to finish, don't foresee it being a problem with what I have left to complete. Overall worth the price for sure will order more in the future!

Now that you have heard what a few of our customers have to say, what do you think? Invest in a more relaxed, peaceful, and tranquil outlook on life by clicking the button below to purchase a Paint By Numbers kit today!