Here's Why Paint By Numbers Should Be Your Next Self-Care Hobby

Here's Why Paint By Numbers Should Be Your Next Self-Care Hobby

Posted by Chelsi G. on 2021 Feb 16th

Self care, self- care, self-care. This is what we need. It is so important to make sure that you can taking time out for yourself in order to stay happy and healthy. There are so many things that we can do to take care of ourselves: skin care, massages, reading, spa days, meditating, etc. But, why not have a hobby that can also act as a method of self-care. Painting can also be looked at as a calming activity that can benefit you. Paint by Number makes it so much easier for you too! Our numbered canvases help you express yourself and relax. Here are some top reasons why we think Paint By Number should be your next relaxing self-care hobby.

It Creates A Safe Space

Our Paint By Number kits come with canvases and paintings that are numbered. You don’t need to feel intimidated to try and create a masterpiece from nothing. We guide you into making something beautiful. You’ll have a guaranteed amazing piece of art that you can get done. Regardless of where you start, you’ll be encouraged to finish! It’s up to you to paint at the speed you want, everything you need will be there for you!

You Got It All, No Stress

We’re not gonna send you out of your house to get all the paint, brushes, or canvases. You get everything in one. We provide you with an all-in-one kit that includes the canvas with the numbers, the matching paint kit with covers, and brushes for you to use. It’s our way of saving you time and energy. Everything you need will be there. Plus, it comes with every painting, so you don’t need to be cheap with the paint. Use what you need! Save time and get to painting as soon as you get your package from us.

Your Favorite Ideas Are Waiting

At Paint by Numbers we try to encapsulate something that everyone will love. We’ve got canvases that range from portraits, beach scenes, animals, cities, abstract, you name it. We have so much that you will love. We never want to leave an idea out so we update our painting every month. You even have the option to upload your own image so you can paint it. Once you find the canvas you want, head to check out and wait on you package. You can choose a more challenging or beginner painting.. It’s all up to you! You can learn, have fun, and relax with our canvases. Check our collections out here. Have fun!

Your Body Relaxes

Painting has always been a good way to relax! In fact, it has been seen as therapeutic. This is because your mind focuses on the direct image that you’re painting and nothing else. You focus on the shapes, colors, shapes, and shades and that becomes the center of your thoughts. The things that you stress over leave your mind and make space for creativity. When your mind relaxes, so does your body! This relaxation through painting minimizes muscle soreness, joint pain, headaches, and more. Now imagine painting in your backyard or on a trip to the beach. That fresh air will also relax you so much!

Brings Your Loved Ones Together

Paint By Number has been an iconic staple of this quarantine as it had many families spend quality time together while relaxing, having fun, and creating masterpieces. Being around the people you love is also a boost for your mental health and relaxation. You get to be around people that make you the most happy while doing something that calms you. You can have a small wine and paint party in your own home with siblings, significant others, and super close friends. You can even spend time with your kids and teach from from such a small age how to match colors with the canvas! Try a canvas today with your family.

It’s time to relax and bring out the artist. This is the perfect way to have a relaxing hobby that can add to your self-care routine. It’s more than just painting, it’s keeping you happy, healthy, smart, and creative. Shop our collections today and find your first idea that you want to try out!