How Can Paint By Numbers Combat Anxiety?

2020 Feb 14th

We all need to bring a change to our lives by decluttering our minds every now and then. All the worldly stressful situations happening every day in our lives insinuates anxiety, anger, fear, overthinking, and depression. It further affects our productivity at work, concentration-level, behavior, and most importantly, our happiness. So it’s important to deal with this stress before it becomes a pressure cooker and we burst out. Art only could help us - because it’s a catalyst for a positive change.

According to the National Alliance of Mental Health (NIMH), over 40 million adults in the U.S. (19.1%) have an anxiety disorder. Not only is it seen in adults, but kids are affected because of this too. Meanwhile, approximately 7% of children aged 3-17 experience issues with anxiety each year. So it’s a huge growing concern worldwide and you’re not alone in this. But here, at Paint By Numbers, we can help you!

You don’t have to take out time to meditate or do yoga or make any new habit (although we’re not saying it’s not helpful). But studies have shown that simply surrounding yourself with positive energy could uplift your mood and help you deal with stress. Did you know how much having paintings and canvases at your home could help with that? We’re gonna share with you the top three benefits of having canvases at your home that you won’t resist buying from Paint By Numbers.

1. Paintings soothe your nervous system

Like our bodies, our brains need to relax too, even if it's for a very short timespan. Our nervous systems need to calm down to process the deep emotions in difficult times. Every Paint By Numbers canvas connotes a deeper concept. Having pictures portraying natural landscapes, trees, or wildlife creates a soothing effect in the entire house. Also studies have shown that some colors promote a balanced, harmonious, sattvic effect, and greater levels of tranquility. So, not only the colors, but having paintings or canvases with positive messages around yourself works great for your brains and sets you in the right frame of mind.

2. Increased sense of Self-Awareness

We all have different life stories, experiences, memories, so our way of looking at things is discrete too. Paintings in our homes reflect those thoughts of our subconscious minds and bring it to life. We might not be aware of these certain aspects of ourselves but engaging in an artistic pursuits could help us discover that. You might be shocked at what you actually like at Paint By Numbers.

3. Paintings are an Emotional Outlet

We all want to be seen or heard. We all want someone to listen to what our souls have to say and it doesn’t even have to make any sense. Because no one else can understand what you’ve been through, and art transcends words and reaches to that magical voice inside us which has no language. All you need is to let those emotions out where you can see it, like on a Paint By Numbers canvas in your home. It just makes it easier for you to deal with it than hiding it somewhere at the back of your mind. All those emotions just need to be expressed and paintings actually is the solution which you were looking for this whole time.

So, maybe it’s time for you.. time to bring that change in your life now! At Paint by Numbers, we have an exclusive collection for you where you can choose any canvas which speaks to your soul and hang it in a corner of your house where you could be free of those negative emotions and just be yourself.

Check out our collections from Paint by Numbers which can help you combat anxiety, check it out here and let us know in the comment section which one you liked the most.