Top 5 Paint By Number Set For St. Patrick’s Day

Posted by Dominik K. on 2021 Mar 3rd

No one is very happy or surprised that this Saint Patrick’s Day is going to be spent indoors with family and maybe a few close friends, due to the COVID-19 pandemic that's swept the world. But we encourage everyone to make the best of any situation at hand! Are you looking for something fun and relaxing to do this St. Patrick’s Day? Celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day indoors and with a paint by numbers kit! These kits are amazingly relaxing and fun to complete! No artist skill or materials required! We provide everything you could possibly need to complete a masterpiece to hang up in your home, or to gift to friends and family!

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 fan favorite paint by numbers kits for St. Patrick’s Day! Check it out and see if any of these catch your interest!

Never Too High - DIY Painting by Numbers Kit

This brilliant piece is the perfect project to work on with a loved one! Show your love for them with this funny and adorable paint by numbers kit featuring an old-fashioned Irish spin on two people in love! So, grab a glass of wine or beer and relax with your partner while you two work away and bond over this spectacular paint by numbers kit!

Top of the Morning - DIY Painting by Numbers Kit

This classic piece is a fan favourite among many! Show your love for St. Patrick’s Day and the Irish with this comedic and matured art piece! Great for completing with family and friends. Featuring a red-haired boy with an all-green suit early 19th century attire! So, grab yours and bond with friends while working on this super cool paint by numbers kit!

Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day - DIY Painting by Numbers Kit

Even the title of this art piece alludes to why it’s a great paint by numbers kit to pick up and work on with family and friends or even alone to relax and ease your mind away from the stresses of everyday life. This piece features a classic look and feel with an early 19th century St. Patrick’s Day aesthetic. As well as a beautiful woman, growing out of a basket, 4 leaf clovers sprouting from everywhere! Another top choice for St. Patrick’s themed painting kits!

Pot of Gold - DIY Painting by Numbers Kit

What could be more St. Patrick’s Day themed then a paint by numbers kit that features a pot of gold! This beautiful and vibrant piece really brings out the calm and mellow sensation with its relaxing color scheme and peaceful flowers look! A perfect paint by numbers kit to celebrate and enjoy St. Patrick’s Day with family and friends.

Patrick’s Day - DIY Painting by Numbers Kit

Last but not least in any way shape or form is this Patrick’s day paint by numbers kit! Featuring a leprechaun and young lady dancing by the fireplace! This piece is brimming with good vibes and a happy aura! Perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long day of work and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!

What did you think of our top 5 Paint by Numbers sets for St. Patrick’s Day? Which one is your favourite? If you weren't charmed by any, don't worry! We have hundreds of cool and unique paint by numbers kits available on our website, and you can even create your own! Check out these paints by numbers kits and many more! Click Here